1)  Intro, notes about concept – quality, bending the boundaries, deciding on the ground, killing through the quality of education above the finances, making those finances fair, and of course, how even though it’s “Private” there will inevitably need to be coordination and cooperation with the state government.  Talk about the classroom – a room with a teacher and desks – is obsolete, and the idea of a subject is obsolete when things are interconnected, and the idea that essays and the material are the point – they are a means to an ends.  Maximize the best teaching talent.  Not providing thoughts on colleges, where diversity and personalization are a drive on costs; nor on middle school, where children are entirely too young to be charged.  Homework – managing homework schedules, standardized testing/grading, and so on.
2)  Concept.  Breaking the day into separate learning styles.  Studies show exercise in the morning so day should start with Gym, move into lecture, lunch, arts, communications.  Architecture.  So on.  Prerequisites, summer school.  Moving within a cohort through the school.
5)  Redesigning the curriculum – English, History, Mathematics, Science, Social Science
6)  Communications.  5 different courses.
7)  Arts and Gym.  Gym has an exercise cycle that they have to run through before starting the day, and are late if they do not provide themselves enough time to complete it.
8)  Job Training.
9)  Counselor/Cohorts and training.  Putting people into a script.
10)  Finance.  2% of income per year for 10 years.
11)  After school programs.
12)  Electives.
#)  Conclusion/Summary

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